Refurbished Margaret Centre at Whipps Cross University Hospital Launched

WEHA donation to the Margaret Centre Whipps Cross

Darren Bartlett Trustee of WEHA with Knut Wilmott, Ward Manager Margaret Centre and Fiona Smith, Managing Director Whipps Cross Hospital

On Friday 1st April, WEHA trustee Darren Bartlett had great pleasure in attending the official launch of the refurbished Margaret Centre at Whipps Cross University Hospital, one of four hospices supported by The West Essex Hospices Appeal.

The Margaret Centre provides care for people with palliative conditions throughout East London and West Essex. It has 11 beds for those in need of respite care or at the end of their lives, plus providng community care so that people can be looked after in their own homes. They support people to access specialist equipment and alternative therapies to relieve symptoms and help them to live at home for as long as possible.

Reopened in October, the centre underwent a raft of improvements totalling £180,000, which included £73k generously donated by Essex Freemasons via The West Essex Hospices Appeal, patient’s families, supporters and Barts Charity.

Improvements included new bathrooms that provide a better patient experience and safer environment as well as a day room for relatives and carers to provide a comfortable private space with new kitchen facilities.

A secure medicines storage area has also been created, a welcoming reception area designed and new flooring laid throughout the centre to make the building cleaner and brighter.

Aneta Saunders, Director of Community and Engagement at Barts Charity, said, ‘The West Essex Hospices Appeal’s long and generous support of the Margaret Centre has helped these wonderful improvements to happen. On behalf of all the patients and staff who will benefit from this refurbishment, Barts Charity would like to thank Essex Freemasons and the Trustees of the West Essex Hospices Appeal who have so kindly donated to the Centre over the last 27 years.’

The West Essex Hospices Appeal has provided regular quarterly donations to the Margaret Centre since 1989 and during its recent 25th Anniversary, made a special donation of £2,500 to mark the occasion.

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